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653H Spatial Art Image Projector

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Logo Projector, Image Projector, Interior Lighting, Design lighting, Advertising lighting can be easily install by everyone! Lighting equipment, one year guarantee! It is an image projector to advertise sales promotion, exhibition, shop sign, etc. Displaying the image to outward walls of a building, room, pane and ground. These special and creative lighting are very eye-catching !!

Image projector lighting can be use in places like: Company Logo, shop signs exhibition, restaurants decoration, interior design, recreation hall, leisure hotel, coffee shop, pubs, beauty salon, department stores, retail stores, car sales, movie theaters, etc.


What's GOBO ?

Color Glass GOBOCustom Gobos

Have you ever seen this image projector in the corner, wall, ground of a shop before? Image projector has the function of moving stage lighting, you can have your design custom-made into gobo and project out to publicize your store! It takes the place of past signboard and become the hit advertisement!


Outdoor projection・Advertisement lighting

Acarde advertisement lighting

Interior Lighting・Advertisement lighting


.Sale items: Advertisement Lighting, Image projector, Logo projector, Gobo Projector, Spotlight, mirror ball, laser, Stage lighting, LED Light, Gobos, Interior lighting, Interior design, Custom Gobos and Gobo Projectors, Moving head Projector

Sales and overseas export, service of image equipment for advertisement. The interior decoration, establishment, attracting customers, and the sales promotion etc. image projectors are provided with the super-discount price.

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Tong-Da Industry Co.,LTD products image projector, interior light, glass gobo and metal gobo are all manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. Our company is the direct sale of export and mail order to overseas         .