GOBO - 電腦燈圖案
1.  全系列  戶內外  LOGO  投射燈

2.  室內外  氣氛浪漫   圖案投射燈

3.  戶內外   創意廣告  圖案投射燈

4.  戶內外   光學 HID  圖案投影燈

5.  高功率  多功能性   圖案投影燈

6.  雷射燈   編寫圖文  雷射燈系列

7.  雪花機 煙霧機 各式特效燈具

  8.  L E D搖頭燈 舞台燈光搖頭系列
  9.  客服信箱 E-mail信箱 電話咨詢


  不袗 GOBO目錄 - 客製化GOBO - 彩色GOBO
  不袗GOBO - 客製化GOBO - 彩色GOBO目錄
廣告投射燈  投射範例  小圖按二下 可放大影像
投射燈  投射案例投影燈  投影範例投射燈  投影範例室內投影  投射燈
 雷射照射下熔化及氣化的物理變化.用高折射材料及耐高溫各種態化水銀玻璃材料搭配,製成耐高溫高透光性GOBO片 。
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Possible uses:           
Perfect for image projection, advertising, corporate events, and theatrical lighting. Since 1999 we pioneered glass gobo manufacturing with state of the art laser equipment producing gobos for the most demanding customers. Select a gobo projector from our wide variety of gobo lights for the image projection solution that fits your needs. 

Standard Gobos vs. Custom Gobos

Providing useable standard pattern designs is an enjoyable process and TONG-DA offers hundreds of standard patterns, from clouds to hearts, to cover many needs. Yet, there are many occasions when personalization is also needed.  corporation needs to project their logo, or a wedding may want to be personalized with the bride and groom's names, or a photograph would best set the scene on stage. These occasions and many more are when a custom gobo is necessary.

Glass Gobos  vs.  Steel Gobos

Glass gobos project clear, crisp detailed photos, images, or logos that require specific color matches or gray scale without "bridging". Metal gobos require "bridging" which connect the lines necessary to maintain the overall appearance and integrity of the image.