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Acarde Image Projector Advertisement Lighting Shop Sign Projection
   1501W Manual Offering good quality & super-discount price!    653W Manual

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1501W image projector is a compact, powerful projection light for indoor and outdoor.

Shops (on walls, floors, shop windows or pavements), trade fairs and shows, department stores and showrooms.
Service and tourist industry:
Banks, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels, bars, coffee & tea houses, tourist agencies, airports and stations.
Recreation ground:
Sports halls, gyms, bowling-alleys, amusement arcades, nightclubs, art galleries and museums.
Other activities:
Conferences, industrial presentations, theaters, cinemas, weddings, contract advertising, coffee shop, department stores. It is suitable for the restaurant and places like karaoke, the club disco, and the lounge bar, etc. It is very compact and low power consumption.
Features : Low power consumption, high color rendering, CDMC-T150W  MASTER  PHILIPS high luminance lamp. Image fixation type projector with 5-10°zoom lens. Excellent spatial art and sales promotion advertisement lighting, handily by the button operation which is easy to operate.
 GOBO Size: outside diameter = φ37.3mm/ image size =φ22.0mm  
Model No.    1501W  Image projector  ( Image fixation type ) Direction Sign Projection
Power consumption      170 W
Color temperature     4000k  white color
Lamp     CDMC-T150W  MASTER  PHILIPS high luminance lamp  
Average lamp longevity     12000 hrs

Lamp amount

     1 pc
Gobo Rotational speed    Fixed image   (Gobo is custom-made) Color Glass Gobo
     220V   /   50 ~ 60Hz
Zoom distance
 FPC zoom manual control, button operation which is easy to operate, don't have to use DMX.
Size   LxWxH    Main body : 310mm x 200mm x 180mm

 Stabilize : 180mm x 130mm x 65mm  ( made in Germany )

   Main body : 2.6kg  

  Stabilize :  1.9kg        ( made in Germany )

Tong-Da Industry Co.,LTD products image projector, interior light, glass gobo and metal gobo are all manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. Our company is the direct sale of export and mail order to overseas. 

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